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310 N. Indian Hill Blvd., Ste. 206 | Claremont,  CA  91711 | (909) 542-8646
Market Share Media Agency
About Market Share Media
Market Share Media started in 2008 by Gabe Chavez a former yellow page advertising executive.  He observed that although yellow pages has been the dominant form of advertising for small business, online advertising was gaining traction at the speed of light because it works and 
at a fraction of the cost of yellow pages.

Located in Clarermont, CA at the edge of the Claremont College Consortium campus, near Cal Poly Pomona and DeVry University, Market Share Media has tapped into the talent base of technology students specializing in social media communications and integrated marketing communications to deliver the latest and most effective online and mobile marketing strategies to small businesses in all 50 states.

Market Share Media is confident in delivering results that it does so without an annual contract and no set-up fees. Market Share Media has a track record of increasing on-line traffic so your phone rings with ready to buy customers.

Market Share Media provides the resources and results of a full digital media marketing department to small businesses without the cost of a staff or headaches of supervising.  

Reasons why Small Business Owners prefer Market Share Media

1. My small business needs a constant flow of new and returning customers.

2. I do not have the time or desire to learn and manage a digital media marketing program.

3 I do not have the expertise to create or maintain a digital marketing program.

4. I do not want the cost and responsibility of hiring a marketing employee.

5. I prefer the services an established and proven digital marketing company.

6. I want a digital marketing service that provides great value at a very reasonable flat rate without an annual contract or set-up fees. No hiccups. No surprises.

7. I want a digital marketing program that offers results I can directly measure in terms of new sales for just a few dollars a day.
Before Market Share Media.
After Market Share Media.
     Market Share Media. Creating raving fans for small business.